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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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UTAH OFF ROAD TOURS - The Mountain Bike JEEP + JET BOAT Shuttle

Find out why they call Moab the mountain biking capitol of the world! The famous White Rim Trail deep in Canyonlands National park is your destination on this 20-mile self-guided mountain bike expedition. We’ll drop you off at the top of Shafer Trail and pick you up at Lathrop Canyon on the Colorado River for a relaxing, scenic ride back to town on our large jetboat


Tour Info

Mountain Bike ShuttleYour self-guided mountain bike adventure on the White Rim Trail begins at our partners office in Moab. We will load your bikes and drive you to the Island in the Sky where you begin the gorgeous descent down Shafer Trail, an historic cattle trail and 4X4 road. You’ll enjoy a half day deep inside Canyonlands National Park where you may choose to visit natural bridges and other geologic wonders as you skirt even deeper canyons. Attentive bikers will spot bighorn sheep that make Island in the Sky their home. It’s a day of world-class mountain biking in some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet!

Skill Level
Mountain bikers with average skills and in moderate shape will enjoy this tour.

Road Surface
The surface of the trail varies among dirt, rock and some sand.

You will be required to carry a minimum of 1 liter of water per person for the bike ride. On hot days during the middle of summer, you should carry 2 liters of water. We have touring vehicles on the same route you travel and they will assist you with additional water and support if necessary. The jet boat will have water for re supply when you arrive at the picnic area at Lathrop Canyon.
Main Attraction: Canyonlands National Park, spectacular downhill riding, Jetboat return

Who Should Go

Mountain bikers of all ages with average skills, families with like skills

Operates year round (with advance reservations)

You must make reservations ahead of time to participate in this shuttle service and jet boat expedition.

2017 One Day Rate per Person: $ 180.00 per person
Includes guide, lunch, mountain bike rental, and shuttle, jet boat cruise back to Moab

Information & Reservation Hotline: (801)-824-3934 or Reserve Your Tour Online

ITINARY: You meet our driver in Moab at 7:00 a.m. with your bicycle, helmet and lots of water! We’ll leave by 7:15 and have you at the trailhead to begin your descent by 8:00 a.m. The Shafer Trail is a steep 4X4 road literally cut into the side of the canyon wall. You’ll get a kick out of the tight switchbacks and awesome views. As you reach the middle level of the Island in the Sky, you’ll pass Musselman Arch and the Walking Rocks area. Your route offers memorable overlooks of the Colorado River and the canyons it cuts through. Your self-guided tour will wind around the White Rim Trail for 20 miles until you reach the head of Lathrop Canyon. (You may want to walk your bike for about 200 yards at the head of the canyon.) A 4X4 vehicle will travel the same route and check on your progress.

At the Lathrop Canyon picnic area, you will enjoy lunch, either on your own or provided by us for an additional $5.50.

At 1:30 p.m., the jet boat will depart Lathrop Canyon and travel up the Colorado River for 25 miles before arriving at Moab. The river trip is a relaxing way to end your mountain bike expedition and will give you a chance to learn about the geology, wildlife and other natural and cultural history of the area. The boat stops for a short walk to view petrified wood. You will arrive back in Moab about 5:00 p.m.

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