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san juan river

Leave the familiar and predictable behind and embark on an uncommon paddling adventure on one of Utah’s most remarkable rivers. This custom expedition is designed by you. Your group can travel from 27 miles to 84 miles of the San Juan River, spending anywhere from one to seven days in the wilderness. You are accompanied by a "mother raft," but most boaters prefer to do their own paddling in rafts or inflatable kayaks. The river is fast-moving and the rapids moderate, which makes it easy, fun paddling. There is something for everyone on this charter expedition: whitewater, ancient Indian sites, wildlife, and geology!

San Juan River Custom Expeditions - from 1 to 7 Days river rafting Info
kayakingWhether your personalized expedition is three days or seven days, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating geology of the area along with the rich ancient American Indian cultural history. Within the first few miles ofsan juan river launch, you begin to see multiple archeological sites, reminders that American Indians occupied this land over a thousand years ago, as they do today. Petroglyphs, dwellings, and granaries are all a part of the amazing sojourn down this well-loved western river. You are also likely to spot bighorn sheep, who are at home in the rocky terrain near the San Juan. The geology will make you feel like you are in a carnival fun house as the topsy-turvy synclines and anticlines make you feel a little "tilted." The area is also rich in fossil deposits, making this a science-buff’s dream trip. Diverse, educational and just plain fun, the San Juan River is a memorable expedition. Main Features: Active paddling expedition, custom-design, moderate whitewater, geology, ancient Indian petroglyphs and ruins

Suitable For: Groups of 10-25 people, families, people wanting a hands-on river experience, education groups

2017: Operates Year Round

Individually priced based on length of trip and number of people

An unusual experience in some of the most remote country in this part of the country, the San Juan River promises solitude and lasting memories on one of America’s little-known rivers. Packed with archeological wonders, this trip can be anywhere from one to seven days in length, so you can plan your level of adventure. It’s an active paddling trip with moderate whitewater, but not the powerful rapids of Cataract Canyon or Westwater Canyon.

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