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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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Utah Travel and Ballooning by UTAH OUTVENTURES LLC
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Goblin Valley Balloon Adventure

The magic of a balloon ride is present in all of our balloon operations. Southern Utah's breathtaking natural scenery is the best imaginable background for our extra ordinary ballooning adventures. Experiencing these places in a balloon affects the way you perceive nature and life, literally expanding your horizon!
Ballooning Adventures feature year-round solitude in Utah´s most scenic and remote desert areas. You often wont find much if any signs of civilization, that's one of the main characteristics of our exclusive Balloon Adventures.
Ballooning is a magnificent experience throughout any location in the world. The breathtaking natural arena in southern Utah multiplies the ballooning experience. The flying time on these adventures is from 30 minutes up to 100 minutes, generally about an hour.

The total experience takes about 4 hours. EACH BALLOON ADVENTURE IS A PERSONALIZED, we cater to groups from 2 - 10+ passengers. THIS IS THE MOST EXCLUSIVE AND ADVENTOUROS ACTIVITY AVIALABLE in UTAH - We are the only balloon company offering those flights. No other company has more to offer, more experience, and cares more about you than we do.

The GOBLIN VALLEY Balloon Adventure

Flight Info

Goblin Valley State Park is one of the most unique places in Utah. Petrified gas bubbles from an ancient ocean floor are the dramatic background for a balloon flight that could very well be on anther planet, like Mars .Surrounded by the San Rafael desert this location makes for one of the most remote launch sites Utah Outventures has to to offer.

Think of it - flying in an wicker basket at a height where the surface of an ocean used to be - 65 million years ago. Words can hardly describe the uniqueness of this flight.

We meet in Hanksville, Goblin Valley State Park, or arrange for another meeting location.

Location: Goblin Valley State Park is located 35 miles south of Green River, Utah and 10 miles north of Hanksville, utah

View the Goblin Valley Hot Air Ballooning Picture Gallery at Skywalker Balloon Company

Availability:Upon special request, Subject to Availability

Towns in the vicinity of Bryce Canyon National Park

From U$ 350 per passenger

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The LITTLE GRAND CANYON Balloon Adventure

Flight Info
"Little Grand Canyon" is the nickname for an area that is designated as the youngest National Monument in the nation.

It is the closest and most dramatic canyon scenery to Salt Lake City. Flying over and playing in what looks like the BIG Grand Canyon is an adventure that no one else is offering, and that is unsurpassed in its exclusiveness and adventure level.

We are launching either form the Wedge overlook or south of the canyons. In both cases you are guaranteed to get aerial impressions that only eagles get. This location is what makes ballooning in Utah the crown jewel of our flying activities.

Location: The "Little Grand Canyon" is located 18 miles south of Huntington, Utah and 20 miles northwest of Green River Utah.

Utah Ballooning Map - Utah Tour Map - View the Hot Air Ballooning Picture Gallery - Make a Reservation
Availability:Upon special request, subject to availability

Meeting: Price, Utah in many cases, or we arrange for a meeting point according to your needs

Rates: from U$ 350 per passenger

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The KODACHROME (Bryce Canyon) Balloon Adventure

Flight Info

bryce canyon balloonoingThe launch site is out of Henrieville, about ten miles south of Bryce Canyon National Park. Utah Outventures over flies Kodachrome Basin State Park on most flights. Impressive vistas of the state park, the national park from the distance, several other "out of this world" mountains, buttes, spires and rock formations guarantee for an experience of a lifetime.

A typical European style balloon celebration welcomes you as a member of the ballooning aristocracy.

We launch from surrounding towns, and in only a couple of hours you get many more impressions than from any other perspective.

Location: Bryce Canyon is located off Hwy. 12, about 14 miles east of Hwy. 89 in central Southern Utah

Utah Ballooning Map - Utah Tour Map - Bryce Canyon Hot Air Ballooning Picture Gallery -
Availability: Not Available for 2017

The MOAB Balloon Adventure Flight Info
utah balloon rides Two national parks are found within the Moab, Utah destination: Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Our Moab Balloon Adventure provides absolutely unique and unforgettable impressions of the area with the world's largest concentration of natural stone arches, red rock pinnacles, cliffs and spires. The incredible scenery and unbridled wonders of nature are brought to you in way that cannot be surpassed!

Location: Moab is located 32 miles south of I-70 on Hwy. 191 near Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

Utah Ballooning Map - Utah Adventure Map - View the Hot Air Ballooning Picture Gallery - Make a Reservation
Availability: Not Available in 2017

Southern Utah Hot Air Ballooning ITINARY: After your adventure details have been verified you will get in touch with your assigned Pilot. You are requested to stay in touch with him and arrange your meeting point and time, this will usually be around sunrise. If weather does not permit a safe flight we will try to reschedule the adventure. Leaving a day or 2 as back up dates greatly enhances the chances of a successful launch.

After meeting we will proceed to our selected launch site. You can then either watch or actively take part in the balloon setup process. After the Pilot's last system check he will brief you and ask you to get in the basket - some burns later we gently lift up into the air, diving into the sky.

Each flight is different; no one-balloon adventure is like the other. We steer by using different layers of winds at different altitudes. We sometimes go as low as a couple of inches above the ground, while other times we are up to a mile high. We are exploring, discovering and playing with natures wonders. Wind conditions determine whether we go up very low or very high, sometimes both. Flying time varies from about 45 to 95 minutes. Sometimes we land in the same spot as we launched from, while other times we cover 20+ miles distance. Towards the end of the flight your Pilot navigates to a secure and accessible landing site. At the end of the flight you may get out of the balloon after your Pilot has instructed you to do so. As before you are welcome to lend a hand in the packing process. You are also very welcome to sit back and work on your impressions.

A celebration follows the packing: Sparkling cider or champagne out in the desert is a very suitable and stylish finish to an unforgettable experience! Beyond this there is a traditional balloonist baptism for first-timers followed by a morning or lunch buffet, catered to you in the beauty of the surrounding scenery. A commemorative flight certificate and our adventure pin are our means to keep your adventure alive long after getting back to earth. You are now a member of the Utah Outventures Ballooning Society.

Contact Us or Reserve your personal Balloon Adventure today. Our friendly staff is awaiting your call to delight you with the secure feeling of floating serenely above the picturesque landscapes. (801) 824 3934

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