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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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Utah Travel and Ballooning by UTAH OUTVENTURES LLC
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Tethered Balloon Operations

Tethered balloon operations are an excellent mean for Product and Event promotion, open air events, and private / companies parties. It will be possible to either display a message or a banner, or have your guests take a tethered balloon ride. Going up from 15 to 60 feet depends on the space of the surrounding area. A wide, open area, free of obstructions and free of downwind hazards works best. With tether lines up to 125 feet in length, we need to clear a 250 foot area downwind, minimum.

To tether a balloon takes far more effort from the crew than with a regular balloon flight. This is represented in the rates.

All tethered balloon operations will be individually planned and quoted, Average rates apply. Tethering the balloon: First hour – US$ 800 - 1800, following hour – U$ 500 - 1300, always depending on intended operation and location. Personal Quotes are standard for determining the final rate.

Specialized and Signature Flights:

Specialized and Signature Flights are conducted exclusively under our customers choice. This includes specifying a certain launch and balloon flying area, a certain type of balloon flight. This includes, but is not limited to: Flights for filming purposes, media / sponsor flights, parachute drops, flights during balloon events, aerial photography, ballooning undeveloped areas, and much more. Special flights in southern Utah will be individually planned and quoted, but generally the costs for a balloon holding 2 passengers start from $ 900, always depending on location, conductibility, number of passengers and purpose of the flight. 

Celebration Flights:

Each Balloon ride is a celebration itself. Sometimes our guests have certain special celebration requirements. Our pilots will arrange for the personalized Wedding and marriage proposal flights, birthdays and anniversaries. Upon request we can lay out the congratulations, the question, the desired message with colored linen or as tracks in the snow where available.

Balloon Promotions:

We offer the most efficient marketing tool and service available to promote YOUR BUSINESS: Your banner or logo on a balloon in combination with complete balloon marketing strategies. It is the MOST VISIBLE and the MOST COST EFFECTIVE ADVERTISEMENT ABOVE THE EARTH!

Perfectly suitable not only for Utah based companies - Operations can possibly include flights over I-15 during rush hour, media flights, flights at events, photographic and filming excursions and so on. Due to the personalized character of these operations it is also very well suitable for every company in the world wanting to gain and build brand awareness! Commercial balloons displaying a companies logo make an excellent positioning tool, creating prestige and positive name awareness. Everything about balloon advertising is bigger than everyday promotional activities with one exception - the costs

Customer Service: (801) 824 3934

balloon promotions Research carried out in the United States suggests the direct cost of balloon advertising 'per thousand opportunities to see' is lower than the figure for newspapers, posters, radio or television. Every dollar spent on balloon advertising buys more attention than a dollar spent on any other media mentioned - up to FIVE times more attention, in fact.

Cost Estimates: We can offer several different solutions, depending on the desired length and outcome of a campaign. Advertising periods for the life of the balloon - about 600 hours - require the purchase of a balloon system. The lower priced option is a balloon envelope only, having your logo inlaid - We operate Aerostar Balloons and are at your hand for information's and purchase quotations.

The original intended use of the balloon (Leisure Flights, Sports Flights, Training Flights, Balloon Adventures, and Races) in some of the most spectacular and visited areas in Utah, provides excellent targeted audience exposure plus the possibility to market pictures, videos and so on. All of these flights will be at no charge to the sponsor! Utah based travel/leisure companies will benefit the most from our ballooning campaigns.

That knowledge, our marketing experience with hot-air balloons, our pilot with a perfectly safe 1000+ hours flight record and our promotion capabilities are all available to you. It costs less than you think and a phone call, letter or e-mail can be invaluable

Contact us for a personal quote!

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