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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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The White Rim Trail and Canyon Lands National Park can definitely be called the center oft the Mountain Bike Universe - We have 5 fantastic tours available for you.


The White Rim Trail


Utah Mountain Bike Tours

The White Rim Trail, located in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, is one of the most coveted mountain bike trails in the nation.

This classic tour is a must for anyone visiting Utah's canyon country, offering a perfect combination of great riding and spectacular scenery. We ride along the "White Rim" layer of sandstone, with dramatic canyons below and majestic red rock cliffs above.

The trail leads to arches, towers and other fantastic rock formations. Your guides will lead you on bike and on foot to explore the hidden treasures the White Rim offers. Visit an Indian dwelling of ancient times or perhaps trek into a slot canyon disappearing into the desert sandstone. The White Rim Trail can be the trip of a lifetime.

Distance: 90 Miles

3 Days - Intermediate
4 Days - Moderate

Length: 3 or 4 Days
Departs: Moab, Utah

2017 Dates:

For all rates, dates, availability:



Simply stated, the Maze is like nothing else. Legends of the old west tell stories of outlaws escaping into its wildly remote and inaccessible canyons. Our ride begins atop the Orange Cliffs with distant views of snow-capped mountains and a glimpse of the rugged terrain we'll soon encounter.

Our two-night stay at the Maze Overlook will convince you there is not a more beautiful spot anywhere. The riding is as fun as anything you might find on Moab's classic trails. Both tours provide a full day of hiking through the heart of the Maze and past the Chocolate Drops formation. The six day tour allows time for a hike to the Great Gallery, a world-renowned example of ancient "Barrier Canyon" rock art. The final day's ride ends at Lake Powell with an opportunity for a well deserved swim.

Distance: 125 Miles
Intensity: Intermediate
Length: 4, 5 or 6 Days
Departs: Moab, Utah or Green River, Utah

4 Day Tour (shorter distance) - April 20th / Custom Dates - Rate $ 900

5 Day Tour: $ 1095
2017 Dates:
April 3, 16, 23
May 14, 26 September 24 October 2, 9

6 Day Tour: $1050
2017 Dates:
April 30, May 5th

5 Day Supersaver: $ 945
2017 Dates: March 22, October 24

The Kokopelli Trail


This is a journey through the lands of the mythical "Kokopelli" or wandering flute player exemplified in Southwest rock art. Our route ranges from singletrack to slickrock, aspens to pinyon pines and offers sights that will wow your senses and terrain that will definitely test your riding skills.

The Kokopelli Trail begins with challenging singletrack, leading to fun, rugged 4 wheel drive trails that touch periodically on the Colorado River. From the Top of the World we descend into Fisher Valley and Onion Creek Canyon, one of the most beautiful and colorful spots in Moab's Canyon Country. The final day offers a choice of riding Moab's legendary Porcupine Rim or Slickrock Trails.

Distance: 130 Miles

Intensity: Challenging Intermediate, Part Singletrack

Length: 5 Days

Departs: Grand Junction, Colorado or Moab, Utah

5 Day Tour: $ 1050

2017 Dates:

April 18 - May 10, 25 - September 19 October 3, 17

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