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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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UTAH OFF ROAD TOURS Guided ATV Adventure Excursions



Tours departing from St. George, Utah Arizona Strip - This region provides trails to many points of interest in an uninhabited wilderness. Witches Pool, Ice Caves, Parashaunt Canyon, an old copper mine and the North rim of the Grand Canyon, just to name a few. Minimum two day adventure!Hurricane Sands - This scenic tour is just minutes from downtown St. George. Beautiful pink sands and red rock formations that defy description as well as breathtaking overlooks of Warner Valley and the Zion basin. A fun day trip for the whole family.Markaguant Plateau - Just 90 minutes North of St. George we enter a large plateau ranging in elevations from 8-to over 10-thousand feet. Trails follow the Virgin River rim and wander throughout the Dixie National Forest. Pine, Aspen and vast meadows of wildflowers make this a fantastic mountain retreat. Lakes, streams and lava fields complement some of the most breath taking vistas anywhere in the south.Paiute Trail System - This is a wonderful fifteen hundred mile trail system that traverses from southern Utah through central Utah. This extensive trail system provides us with the ability to create custom outings of up to a week in length.

Accommodations can either be camping along the trail or dropping out of the mountains for a nights rest at designated hotel or Bed and Breakfast accommodations. This trail system passes through several mountain ranges, alpine meadows, quaking aspen forests, creeks and waterfalls as well as old mining ghost towns.Pine Valley Mountain - A well established trail rises to 7500 feet, high enough to keep riders cool even on the warmest of days! Multiple side trails abound for the rider who loves to explore. Each trail provides a unique backdrop of color and interesting geological formations.Toquerville Falls - This tour is a great half day tour for the whole family through color country. It's a short twenty minute drive from St. George to the drop off point and then an easy one hour ride into the falls. You may want to wear your swimsuit to go for a dip in the swimming hole at the falls. Scenic overlook within a short ride from the falls and area to explore. June, July, and August tours only

ATV Price List for Day Trips (offered year-round)• 3 Hour Tour - Contact us! (additional fee for child passenger)

• * 5 Hour Tour - Contact us! (additional fee for child passenger)

• * 6 Hour Tour - Contact us! (additional fee for child passenger) Children must be 5 years of age to go on a tour as a "Rider." Minors (under the age of 18) must have a consent form signed by a legal guardian or parent to participate in our tours. Minors wishing to drive an ATV may be eligible to do so at the age of 14 if they meet certain requirements.

A child under the age of 14 may be able to participate as a "driver" with a certified guide/instructor on the same machine with them. They will be charged a "Driver Fee" if this option is chosen.Multi-Day ATV Trips

• Two Day Outing: $400.00 Per Driver - Additional Child Rider Fee: $100.00

• Three Day Outing: $600.00 Per Driver - Additional Child Rider Fee: $150.00

We limit our tour sizes to 4 per tour and the multi-day trips are limited to your party. 2 persons are required as the minimum number to reserve a multi-day trip unless you wish to pay the fee for four participants.

  Contact us - Call our friendly service staff: (801) 824 3934  

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