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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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Imagine yourself floating down the legendary Colorado River. A shade canopy and breeze keeps you cool in spite of desert heat. You are surrounded by red sandstone cliffs on either side of the river. Occasionally, a blue heron rises in slow motion from the water, searching for today’s catch. You don’t have a care in the world other than enjoying the beautiful world around you because you are in the company of our guides traveling in a sturdy river boat, the Colorado Explorer. These boats are designed for people who want to tour the river on calm water, not get wet, remain comfortable, but see all there is to see of Canyonlands National Park from the perspective of a voyage down the river. We promise a safe, dry, comfortable, cool, scenic ride on one of America’s great rivers.

Jet boats – The Colorado Explorer Series. We have dubbed our 34-feet scenic jet boats the Colorado Explorer I and II. These boats were specifically designed for sightseeing cruises on the Colorado River. Each boat is made of aluminum and powered by twin marine engines. The boats seat 28 passengers. With large windshields and shade awnings, they are one of the most comfortable ways to see the backcountry via the river. These boats travel about 25 miles per hour. During a typical jet boat expedition, the guides stop and drift while they tell stories or interpret the geology. They are also able to pull the boat to shore to go for short walks. These boats are quite diverse being both the cruise boat and workhorse of the river. They are used to pick up canoeists and mountain bikers returning from self-guided trips.


A delightful cruise on a calm-water stretch of the Colorado River gives you a day in the wilderness without all the hassle and risks of true backcountry expeditions. You’ll ride in comfortable seats in our sturdy riverboat. These boats speed along about 25 miles an hour and stop frequently for photographs and sightseeing. Sometimes the guide lets the boat drift quietly as you hear about all the fascinating geology, wildlife and historic sites you’re seeing. Bring binoculars to spot bighorn sheep playing on the cliffs. There’s even time for a short walk or two. What you’ll see is only accessible by boat! Less adventurous travelers will miss it all while you take this short, half-day excursion.

Also see our Full Day Jetboat and Jeep Explorer Tour see more in a day than in any other way possible!

MAIN ATTRACTION: Relaxing, calm water ride into the real Canyonlands, sights accessible only by boat

WHO SHOULD GO: Travelers wanting lots of scenery, folks with limited time, families, any age

Operates year round - Morning and afternoon departures

2017 Rates:

Half Day $ 90 adult / $ 80 children

Information & Reservation Hotline: (801)-824-3934 or Reserve Your Jetboat Tour ONLINE

Canyonlands Jetboat Jeep AdventureThis classic day trip, suitable for people of all ages, delivers big adventure, a few thrills, and the best sightseeing available anywhere in canyon country. This trip takes travelers in comfort to sights hidden from those who don’t go a little off the beaten path. No wonder it’s one of our most popular expeditions!

Half of your day we skim along on calm water of the Colorado River, deep in the heart of Canyonlands National Park. The second half you board comfortable, air-conditioned 4X4 rigs where you climb 2000 feet out of the canyon to the "Island in the Sky," the highest mesa in Canyonlands National Park. The awesome vistas from the top will take your breath away!
Main Features: Amazing scenery, river journey, Canyonlands National Park, 4X4 ride, 1000-year old Indian ruins and writings

Suitable for: People of any age, travelers with limited time, families, people wanting to see the backcountry without hassle or fear

Operates year round

2017 Rates
$ 180.00 full day adult
$ 160.00 youth (16 & younger) Reserve Your Jetboat Tour ONLINE

Information & Reservation Hotline: (801)-824-3934 or Reserve Your Jetboat Tour ONLINE

JETBOAT ITINARY: Your cruise begins in Moab where you board vehicles for the short drive to the launch site. The driving route is a Utah Scenic Byway along the Colorado River where we stop to see one of the area’s largest concentrations of prehistoric American Indian writings and dinosaur tracks left in an ancient sand bank.

At the boat ramp, we begin our excursion on the Colorado River. Towering red sandstone cliffs hug the river. Watchful eyes spot eagles, mule deer, bighorn sheep or the occasional lone coyote. You’ll see prehistoric Indian ruins and, if river level permits, we’ll take a short walk to a petrified forest. Near Dead Horse Point, canyon walls rise 1,500 feet into blue desert skies. This is a relaxing journey and gives you an opportunity to drift with the rhythm of the river, enjoy the magnificent scenery, and the silence of the wilderness. You’ll return happy and refreshed to Moab at the end of your cruise.


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